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What Measuring Functions Do Laser Distance Meters Have?

Laser distance meters quickly and precisely measure distances between two points. The start point of the measurement is the set measurement edge of the laser distance meter and the second point is the endpoint of the beam. The maximum range varies depending on the device and can extend to over 100 m. Digital distance measurement offers many advantages over conventional measuring using a folding rule or measuring tape. Distances can be measured precisely and conveniently in just a few seconds. In addition, depending on the model, the devices can calculate areas and volumes of spaces at the touch of a button, function using a touchscreen, and have integrated Bluetooth and camera functionalities and an integrated tilt sensor.

How Does A Laser Distance Meter Work?

The laser focuses on a target for measurement. The distance meter then emits a laser pulse, which begins the measuring process. The pulse is reflected from the target and received by the photocell in the device. This enables the exact distance to be calculated using the period between the emission and the reflection of the laser. For ultrasound, it must be much larger to enable it to reflect relevant sound waves. Laser distance meters are easier to use and more accurate than ultrasound distance meters and far more convenient than measuring using a folding rule and measuring tape.

Laser distance meter functions vary depending on the manufacturer and device. Conventional devices simply measure distances and show these on the display but if the user also wants to calculate areas and volumes and determine inaccessible distances or heights via angle measurements, and then they should think about purchasing a more complex device. Laser distance meters that have these functionalities are equipped with an integrated tilt sensor. In these times of greater interconnectivity, many laser distance meters also now come equipped with a Bluetooth interface.

Areas laser distance meters can be used

There is a whole range of possible uses for laser distance meters. Laser distance meters are primarily used in the construction industry: be it in construction works, renovations, interior design, or exterior works, laser distance meters are needed everywhere. In a matter of seconds, you can calculate distances, areas, and volumes of indoor spaces or check measurements and distances. A wide range of occupations uses distance meters, ranging from drywall builders, painters, and floorers, joiners, and kitchen fitters to carpenters, bricklayers, or even architects and interior decorators.

The advantages of a laser distance meter Laser distance meters simplify the measuring process, save time, and are convenient to use when working. Different measuring functions are available to you right away at the push of a button. Distances can be measured and checked and areas and volumes can be calculated in a matter of seconds, all with exceptionally high accuracy, which is far superior to those calculated by measuring tape or folding rule. A further advantage of laser distance meters is that precise measurements can be made alone, without requiring the help of another person.

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