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Laser Distance Meter Can Help You Find The Area & Volume Of A Room!

Laser measuring tools look at the time it takes for a laser pulse to reflect off a target and to be sent back to the device so it can determine its distance. A simple computer can calculate the target’s distance with a great deal of accuracy, which is why a laser tape measure is a popular tool for professionals who need to make a variety of measurements.

Lasers are focused beams of light that stay at a specific frequency. They can travel at much longer distances without experiencing the weakening and spreading out of the beam, which can reduce the effectiveness of a laser distance meter. Laser light is also less likely to disperse than ordinary white light, which is what allows laser beams to travel farther without losing their intensity. And unlike white light, a laser beam will keep most of its intensity when it’s reflected off a target.

Setting up a laser tape measure

Before you can start measuring, you will need to check the unit’s settings. Find your preferred unit of measure by cycling through the different options (meters, feet, or inches). You can change the units in between or even after measuring. So if you decide on a different unit, later on, there’s no need to worry. You may need to turn the backlight on if you’re working in a dark area. It will even record both minimum and maximum values.

How to add and subtract multiple distance measurements

You may run into a situation where you’ll want to add or subtract multiple distance measurements. If you’re standing in a room and want to measure the distance between two opposing walls, you would face the first one and take your first measurement. Then, you would turn around to face the other wall so you can take your second measurement. If you do this while using an additional feature on your laser distance meter, you can add these two numbers so you can get the total distance from one wall to another. The added result will appear as a smaller number, while the individual measurements will show up as smaller ones. You can subtract distances in much the same way, and you can even use them interchangeably as you measure.

Measuring area and volume on a laser tape measure

The laser distance meter will give you an area calculation based on your previous two measurements, which is something that can’t be done with a traditional tape measure. Area measurements are useful for floor layouts, carpeting, and floor covering measurements, as well as a variety of similar applications. To measure volume, get into the appropriate mode and measure the first distance (length). From there, you can measure the second distance (width) as well as the third (height). The device will calculate the volume, which it will display in cubic meters, cubic feet, or cubic inches (depending on your selected unit of measure).

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