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rangefinder golf laser range finder watch for golf china laser rangefinder

1. Five modes: Distance, Speed, Angle, Slope,Flag-lock, Every modes with Vibrate, Speed measurement, Continuous scanning.
2.Multifunction: ±0.3 ~ 1.0 yard Accuracy; 0.1~0.3 Seconds Measurement Time; Adjustable focus.
3. Auto Focus: You can rotate and adjust the zoomable lens, and don’t need to wear glasses.
4. Mode Memory Function: Which Mode you exit and will be the this mode the next time you turn it on. Don’t wast your time to Readjust again.
5. Automatically Turn Off: It will automatically turn off to Save power, without operation for 10 seconds.
6. Smiple Operation: Press “on/ off” button to open the rangefinder—-press ” mode” button to change the mode you want—-press”on/off” button to make the measurement.
7. Black color data: The rangefinder display shows Black color data, and Won’t irritate your eyes.
8. Tripod function: Can be supported by the tripod.



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