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Digital Cooking Food Probe Meat Kitchen BBQ Selectable Sensor Thermometer

1. Measuring Range: -58℉ ~ 572℉ (-50℃~ 300℃)
2. High Accuracy: ±1℃ (± 2℉)
3. Measurement accuracy: ±1℃ ±2℉) at -20℃ -150℃ (-4℉-302℉) and ±2℃ (±4℃) at 150℃ -200℃ (302℉-392℉), over 2℃ (4℉) at the other ranges.
4.Ultra-fast Response time: 2-4 seconds
5.Display Resolution: 0.1℃
6. Selectable Fahrenheit/Centigrade (℉/℃) , switchable using a push button
7.Can Be Calibrated At 0℃
8.Auto-Off: The unit will automatically turn off after 10 minutes if no other buttons are pressed keep battery life. Auto shut off button when closing the probe.
9.Inside Magnet and Apply the heat chart On Backside
10.LED Night Function



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